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Canon's Ashby


Description: Canon’s Ashby House has been home to the Dryden Family since the 15 Century primarily constructed from Iron Stone (Houghton) and Limestone. Two Phases have been carried out, the first phase being to the garden walls and the second phase being the main house




Phase 1 Garden Walls.


Remove original lime mortar to the walls surrounding the Lions Gates, rebuild deliterious stonework and under pin where necessary. Replace copings beyond repair and indent copings where appropriate. Grout the core where identified to ensure the walls longevity. Refix loose panels to the lions gates and carry out mortar repairs and repoint.


Phase 2 Main House (peebles courtyard).


Remove original lime mortar to the main house and repoint with suitable lime mortar. Decorate the gutters and downpipes to match existing. Repair leadlight windows and refit. Redecorate the cupola (clock tower) and re-guild clockfaces.


Location: Canons Ashby House,Canons Ashby, Daventry, Northamptonshire NN11 3SD.

Architect/Client: National Trust


Baraset House


Description: This is a grade II listed property located in Stratford Upon Avon, a traditionally lime plastered and ashlar lined exterior


Works: The building has undergone extensive restoration and refurbishment, during this process it was required that a portico was to be fitted to the main entrance, the cost of an authentic stone portico was deemed to be cost prohibitive therefore a reconstituted stone replica was supplied and fitted.


Location: Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7RF

Architect/Client: Walker Developments Ltd.

Coughton Court


Description: Coughton Court is Tudor building dating from the 13th Century. During the buildings history there has been problems with flooding, therefore it was decided that the flood waters needed to be redirected. Therefore at the rear entrance a continuation of the old stone wall was required. The stone was carefully matched to the original in type and worked to match the original exactly in appearance. Some time later additional repairs were carried out to the newly constructed bridge by the main house, due to incorrect mortars having been initially used.


Location: Coughton Court,

Alcester, Coughton  Alcester B49 5J.

Architect/Client: National Trust / O’Briens Construction.



Larkstone Barns, Ilmington.


Description: Larkstone barn is a grade listed building. It shows various styles of walling. Built from local sourced limestone.


Works: Due to the poor structural integrity of the barn it was decided that a major wall needed to be taken down and rebuilt. A new stone staircase was requested, in conjunction with small boundary walls and replacement stones where the originals had perished.


Location: LarkStone Barns,

Ilmington, Warwickshire.

Architect/Client: Mr Mason / Simon Marson


Stone Croft Cottage


Description: Stone Croft cottage is located in warwick built from locally quarried lias stone. Boundary walls were required to be built from blue and cream lias stone, obtained off the properties site, the as dug stone  needed to be dressed in order to create a high quality finish.


Works: The existing concrete block boundary walls were clad with lias stone obtained off the properties site but, built to appear as if it were a traditional drystone wall.


Location: Stone Croft,  

Old School Lane, Lighthorne, Warwick, Warwickshire.

Architect/Client: Mr & Mrs Twilton



Gower Memorial, Stratford upon Avon.


Description: The Gower located in Bancroft Gardens shows William Shakespeare seated centrally on a pedestal overlooking, Prince Hal, Lady Macbeth, Hamlet and Falstaff.


Works: The Gower Memorial had concrete steps and paving surrounding it, it was decided that this was to replaced with York sandstone paving and steps. Plans were drawn up by the Stratford District Council as to the substructures and levels required.


Location: Gower Memorial,

Bancroft Gardens, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire.

Architect/Client: Stratford District Council.

Hampton In Arden


Description: This grade 1* listed church, was sutblely extended with a Red Sandstone extension for extra facilities for the parishioners. The existing stone was reused where possible.


Works: The stone work was built using a natural lime morta, all joints were kept to a minimum.


Location: St. Mary & St. Bartholomew High Street, Hampton-in-Arden, West Midlands, B92 0AE Hampton in Arden.

Architect/Client: Sapcotes.

R.N Fear & Sons Stonemasonry

Mobile 07773 714 238

Stuart Fear BSc. Hons

Mobile 0777 323 4041

Stephen Fear


Canon's Ashby Garden Walls

Canon's Ashby House, Peebles Court Yard.

Baraset House Reconstituted Stone PorticoTitle.

Coughton Flood Defence Wall dressed to match the existing

Larkstone Barn Illmington

Blue/Cream Lias Drystone wall

York paving and steps @ Gower Memorial

Grade 1* Listed Extension.

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