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R N Fear & Sons Ltd. is converse in all aspects of stonework and associated fixing techniques.

 We have extensive knowledge of all types of walling from coursed to dry stone walling, and also traditional brickworks. With regard to listed buildings and such related structures, we always adopt a sympathetic approach and employ all the necessary conservation / restoration techniques in order to maintain the historical integrity of such buildings/structures. Natural lime mortars can be time consuming, requiring care and attention, we will always match the mortar as close as possible to the existing mortar. We have carried out many new builds, our aim is to achieve a finish and look of a traditional building, this is achieved by utilsing the same techniques, building practices and the same materials that would be used on any listed building.

Although we have our foundations within stonework, we will carry out any asscoiated works required to facilitate the completion of any project.  

R.N Fear and Sons Ltd.

Constructionline & Chas Accredited.


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